Dave Angel


Unexpected” which was voted No 5 in the 1995 album chart.“Angel concocted an album which will stand the test of time, a Major criticism of Techno in 1995 “ “Again where Techno went wrong in 1995, Heaven certainly sent an Angel”. (The Guardian newspaper 1995). Dave released further remixes of tracks from the album, ‘Timeless’ and ‘Rudiments’ were club hits , the album also contained the track ‘Fever’ which whenever played set the dance floors on fire.Dave released his second album ‘Globetrotting’ for Island Records. Singles such as ‘Disco’ were remixed by the likes of Ian Pooley and the wax doctor.Also Tokyo Stealth Fighter and the highly successful ‘Funk Music’ which still gets into DJs boxes today.After three long years Dave parted company with Island Records and started to concentrate more on his own Label Rotation Records with releases such as ‘Insights’ being voted single of the month (mixmag) and also his debut on Jericho Records with an EP called ‘Excursions’ being also voted single of the month (wax).“Dave Angel just seems to go from strength to strength” (Mixmag).1998 also saw the release of “39 flavours of Tech Funk” a mix compilation on React Records (Mix album of the month ~ Muzik Mag) which received rave reviews from across the globe. “Dave Angel has been at the forefront of Techno for nearly a decade” (upfront Mag 98).Also being voted one of the best mix CDs of 1998. Bringing in more DJ work for the ever busy Mr Angel.This year also saw Dave being nominated for The Essential mix for the Muzik awards.Dave has gone on to release another cracking EP on Rotation called ‘T he Knockout EP’ which again was voted single of the month (Mixmag July 99).“Dave’s a bloody boxing Genius” (Mixmag Aug 99).Going into 2000 and Dave releases the second in the Knockout series ‘The Knockout, The Rematch’ going head to head with Jamie Anderson yet again the EP gets a single of the weekFrom NME (Oct 00).2001 saw the launch of the internet trust the dj.com which Dave as one of their artists signed an exclusive internet deal. Starting of with DA01 a mix compilation, getting rave reviews and also bringing in new fans to already respected fan base.“Pure Joy from start to finish”. (Time Out) .DA02, T he reworks a collection of remixes he has done over a 10 year period, ranging from his own ventures to the likes of James, Kenishi , Baz and Dj Krust / Roni Size. The saddest thing was that due to big labels we was not able to license the main remix, Sweet Dreams by the Eurhythmics which was as you know his first ever musical production. released 29th August 2002.Following the success of DA01, Dave ventures again on another Mix cd DA03 for trust the dj.and another EP on Rotation “Ocean dwellers”.

Continuing his Rotation Input he released his latest "Warriors EP" which was released in 2005.2006, after numerous problems in his new studio, Dave has finally got the sound he was searching for and is now in the process of releasing numerous projects, while DJing around the world, spreading his sound.Prolific in his writing and DJing, Dave Angel has become and surely will continue to be one of the freshest and innovative musicians on the dance music scene.“He continues to keep his music on the cutting edge” (NME).“Dave Angel is one of life’s Gent’s, universally respected by everyone who’s had the pleasure of his company.And as ever he’s still in demand as one of the dance scene’s best loved DJ”.(Future Music)


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 5
Tracks in Top 10 1
Releases in Top 10 19
Tracks in Top 100 17
Releases in Top 100 30
Days in Top 100 Tracks 258
Days in Top 100 Releases 3719
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