David Costa


David Costa started his career in the 80s in small Club in Saarbrucken - Germany. Influenced by Kraftwerk, Front 242, Depeche Mode and Killing Joke David were driven to get his hands on vinyl in the electronic metropolises London and Paris. Due to his keen sense to play the right track at the right time along with his hardly accessible vinyl in Germany back then it took him only a few weeks to make himself known in the state of Saarland/Germany.It didn’t take long, before his first international gig‘s in Ibiza and Barcelona were marked on his roadmap. After that post-graduate and job followed but still with music on top of his list. David also pulled the strings in the background during that time on several productions. Avid from today’s technological possibilities David decided for a comeback in 2007.From there on he focused mainly on the new technologies in producing and in 2009 with the track “Transporter“ David’s first very own production is raring to go. Even before the official release of the single it created a buzz which lead to a double licensing for two big Ministry of Sound compilations (“Club Files Vol. 6“ und “The Annual Spring 2009“).Also the Spanish major Blanco Y Negro with the house imprint “Vendetta” on which artists such as Axwell, David Guetta and Eddie Thoneick have already released aroused interest in the single. We can be curious to where the journey takes David in the future.


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