Diego Miranda


Currently, Diego Miranda is one of the most influential Producer and DJ of Portugal, with the merit of having made the approach of dance music to the mainstream in a magical way, having achieved strong international recognition through one of his music themes.Diego has had a fantastic career, having started at age fourteen as DJ with rather stronger sound trends, soon standing out in the Portuguese scene, side by side with the best national and international DJs.He has been awarded countless distinctions by the media throughout all these years and he is nowadays considered one of the strongest DJs of the Iberian Peninsula, mainly due to his unforgettable and memorable performances, rendering the public highly enthusiastic and taking it to total ecstasy.He has performed in some of the largest world parties and festivals, for example MTV Shakedown, Creamfields, Rock in Rio or Sensation White among others and moved on to a significant international career in 2009 through the hit “Ibiza for Dreams” and having since then acquired a remarkable status in the field, namely being one of the DJs Producers, in Summer 2011 with assiduous presence in the Ushuaia Beach Hotel music booth, in Ibiza.In September 2011, Diego Miranda was nominated in Portugal for the EMA – MTV, thus becoming one of the rare DJs/ Producers in the world to see his work acknowledged through the nomination for the most prestigious world music award, which besides granting him the recognition and exclusivity of his work, will also significantly contribute for the valuation of the Portuguese and the world dance music.So far, the Artist has edited themes, such as “Tania”, “Ibiza for Dreams”, “Just Fly”, “Speed” and “Sunshine” with enormous success. He is also responsible for the digital issuing company “New Breed” where one might find some of his most profound works.In 2011, Diego Miranda was invited and edited his first album of the “Ushuaia Beach Hotel Ibiza”, undoubtedly one of the best clubs in the world and this edition is one more outstanding milestone in his career.Diego Miranda is preparing, at the moment, a new dance music album which has already assured the presence of Tara Macdonald, Gramp’s Morgan and Esther, among other relevant names in the international panorama. His music is his way of transmitting his way of life.Assuming dance music evolution and mutation as integrant part of it, it is but natural that his sets, always different, floating from vocal hits to the hardest beats through a sound rhythmic base, of electronic and progressive influences filled with organic elements.If as a Producer and as an Artist he has been surprising everyone and treading his own way, it is particularly on the dance floor that his exclusivity is felt, as Diego Miranda is characterized by his very own unmistakable and deep kick than ends up turning anyone listening to it into a unconditional fan.Diego Miranda is music. Keeping himself in a fantastic explosion stage, he is an Artist that leaves nothing and no one indifferent to his passage by the absolute need to conquer through his music and an unmistakable style.“The best is yet to come” is the motto that Diego Miranda applies to each moment of his life. He doesn’t know how to live without all his passion and it is exactly this magic of emotions that makes its presence felt, beat after beat, during his performances.From the studio to the dance floors and from these to the studio, Diego Miranda is nowadays one of the dance music magicians, having crossed over all the borders.


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