An Electrik Refreshing Artist,To witness DIMIX’ performance is to experience an intense powerful DJ set. Wax flying off decks, cd players /effect, mixer knobs twisting back and forth, volume levers being slapped up and down, music cutting in and out, all while the hard banging beat never stops.And to take the already riveting experience even higher, he’s even more into it than you are, banging his head, waving his arms, screaming intensely at you. His sets are as dynamic and exciting, as they are electronicly feeded and pumpin’. But never do they lose sight of the fact that you are there for one reason: to dance your ass, and eventually your feet off.There is always groove in his hard but tranzy tracks.Ahard groove that makes you move into a frenzy.And when you think you can’t take anymore, he starts pushing you onfurther with some oldskool killers, because you can always worry about tiredness later.DIMIX is the first person to admit that he’s is hyperactive, works hard, plays hard, cannot sleep on planes, and stresses about things constantly. In essence, he is in his own living, going hard. Breathing and a can of extra energy in close reach. But it seems that his hyperactive nature is clearly one of the two major driving forces behind his success as a DJ. His need to constantly change, evolve, and just plain “do,” is what distinguishes his music/performance from other DJs.Same way on the poduction level you can excpect that particular DIMIX vibe in his tracks.According to DIMIX he says “I want to feel the same pumping feeling that u can find in my sets which are dynamic and driven.” You can find his releases soon under the new UK label “Glamour Punk Recordings”.Appreciating his talent, and seeing how well he controlled and teased his audience, the word spread to other clubs and pretty soon he was guesting regularly across the country,And later on to some of the hottest clubs and events around the globe like,Pacha (La Pineda), Summer Nights Ibiza Beach Party (Aqaba Beach), Olivers (Jordan),Kraftwerk (Germany), Privilege Ibiza World Tour (Global), Zooproject (Ibiza), El Divino (Ibiza), Random at Hush (Ibiza), Kanya (Ibiza), Judgement Sundays (Eden Ibiza), Chocolate Club (Shenzhen-China), Café Del Mar (Singapore), Lake View (Koh Samui-T hailand), ...


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