Disco Ball'z


Balazs Oravecz was born 17 March 1984 in Budapest, Hungary laying in his mother’s arms he naturally became a music producer and DJ.The love for D.I.S.C.O is in his blood with producing some of the greatest funky disco house tracks around today, featuring on some of the top labels like ReVinyl, Visiomind Records and many others.Balazs Oravecz known as Disco Ball'z in the music industry has also ventured into different genres like Jackin House, Tech House, Deep House and Techno going back to the "old" House days.Disco Ball'z is still going strong today with over 100 plus tracks with many record labels and on various digital download portals.Balazs has not only produced music to the finest standard he has also been on the remix war path with the likes of Alexander Deaf, Yakka, Jof Pryz and has remixes done of his own production from Audio Jacker.


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