DJ Style


DJ Style is from New York City and has held residencies at Limelight, Liquids, Float, China Club and Ivy. He also made several guest performances at Tunnel, Sound Factory, Club New York, Cream, Mission, Deep, Copacabana, Clevelander and the Ultra Music Festival, to name a few. His diverse dj sets take you on a journey through the sounds of house, tribal, tech, techno, progressive and breaks.Releases on Knob Records, Kult Records, V.O.T.U.- Sheeva, Funk Lab Records, Red Rockit Records, Nu Spin Records, Filthy Groovin Records, Christian Records, Global Ritmico, Mpls Ltd Records, Barely There Records, Promo RecordsThe Official DJ Style Web Site: Founder of Knob Records:


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Releases #1 5
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Releases in Top 10 27
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Releases in Top 100 60
Days in Top 100 Tracks 61
Days in Top 100 Releases 1223
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