Double Pleasure


True to their two-fold prowess, Belgian breakouts Double Pleasure have proven two of Antwerp’s fastest rising newcomers to challenge the ranks of EDM. T he collaborative identity of childhood friends Marijn Heylen and Sam Bombeeck, this mutual unification of talent, passion and a fearless industry appetite has made 2013 one of the most definitive years for this fast ascending duo that dares to different in the face of dance music’s universal heyday.In just two years, the duo has shifted its new school stripes with seamless stamina, forging a sound as infectious to the ears as it is refreshing at a time when the digital market needs a solemn wake-up call. A bouncy concoction of big drops, uplifting breaks and influences from across the great house music spectrum, their musical identity is one wholeheartedly tailored to every imaginable corner of the EDM sphere. Never afraid to test the waters, their own productions have found a comfortable home on the digital market, with debut release “Background” epitomising the bar this young duo looks to raise with every new studio offering. Their DJ sets notoriously follow the theme of mutual love and off-the-cuff originality, drawing on a fluid range of melodic tracks from across the industry sphere to forge fluid sets that seamlessly unify their personal tastes onto the dance floor.The road ahead, however, is heating up considerably forthis sharp shooting Belgian duo. Invading their homelands affluent festival circuit with debuts for Tomorrowland, Summerfestival and Laundryday this year, the duo has made further plans for a label centred on their mutual love for Latin, tribal and progressive house. Add an exclusive signing to Pilot Agency alongside an arsenal of new productionsand remixes and it is fair to say that Double Pleasure’s eclectic agenda is only just heating up. More graciously poised than most serve a fresh flavour of electronic music to the industry, Double Pleasure are two essential European talents on the up that you don’t want to miss explode across global club land.


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