Dubman F.


DJ since 95 always trying to bring his own style led him to be a resident of many renowned theaters as one of the djs fashion at the end of the 90 precursor of movement in murcia alicante house, 1 of their best metrodanceclub residence ... internationally .. sweden: malmo prague: Czech republic. then from 2005 the new side and leads to the production which has always been very consistent. One of his achievements was the award for best album dj 1 2006 house back to Rhodes with deep josh and rimes .... For 5 intense years working in the studio d10 and now in his own home studio where he is immersed in the whether production to make your own style with a mix of deep house & tech .....As more is known as Angel Pina is .... but is currently working with sounds more elite this time signing as Dubman F ak CHOOICE if anot her concept drawing t o music, whether you endorse the more than 100 original productions and remixes from the best sites in the world and stop editing national labels as THClub records, Rubrik, STEREO PRODUCTIONS, MUSIC PERCEPTION, APPLEFUNK et c ..... and int ernat ional: Soulfuric Deep, USA / MINISTRY OF SOUND GERMANY / OPEN BAR USA / Soulman Music USA / UK RECORDINGS BARCODA / Raisani DUBAI / I RECORDS, USA / FM DIGITAL, GERMANY, NIRVANA RECORDINGS, USA etc ... Also been fortunate to be able to remix artists like numbers: Cesar de Melero, DJ Wady, JEROME ISMA_e, CHRISTIAN Hornbostel. ANDY WARD ETC ....Dubman_F_004.jpg


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