Elektrik Disko


Elektrik Disko brings together a killer combination of musical
experience and dance-floor destruction with the UK?s Steve Richard?s
and New Zealand?s Jolyon Petch. Each highly successful in their
respective hemispheres, they have become a legendary duo on the decks
and are now establishing themselves to an equal standard in the studio.

The Elektrik Disko live performance sets a new standard in energy and
crowd interaction, featuring live effects, tricks and an unparalleled
vibe. The duo has so far spread their style and sound to some of
Europe's premier cities, clubs & events. Headline appearances to date
have included Bangaluu ? Berlin; Turnmills, Koko, The Box, Warehouse &
Pacha ? London; AIR ? Birmingham; Waves ? Limassol; and their summer
residency at the Castle Club ? Ayia Napa. Further afield the duo have
also performed in New Zealand at Spy Bar, Stonyridge, Space & Code ?
Auckland; and Base Nightclub - Christchurch.

Elektrik Disko also regularly feature on their own brands ?Club
Luxury?, ?Another Wild Night? and ?Fight Night?, as well as
international brands ?Funkinyou?, ?Funky4love? 'Highlife' & more.

Production-wise, Elektrik Disko have been remixing for; Agnelli &
Nelson with a release on Deep Blue records, Soul Avengerz for Soda
records, Jamie Wamie, Paul Gardner, Sound Conducterz

Bursting onto the scene, their first single featuring Katherine Ellis,
entitled ?Nothin' but Luv?, is a funk-fuelled big room summer, house
anthem and due for official release on Club Luxury Records in late 2011.


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