Eric Sneo


When he was young the today well known international DJ „Eric Sneo“ already started learning instruments like drums, piano and accordion. In 1998 he became a resident DJ in one of the most famous techno clubs in Germany; ThePalazzo. In 2002 started his own party series “Tanz Der Familie”.Around this same time period together with Udo Niebergall, the labels Masters Of Disaster and Beatdisaster were founded. These labels featured releases from Gayle San, The Advent, Chris Liebing, Hertz, Rush, etc, and were also a platform for Sneos own releases. In 2003 the worldwide known clubhit ‚ciao bella‘ and the Germany chart hit ‚Tube Tech - The End‘ were released.With his unique performance on the E-drumsduring his sets, Eric swiftly developed into a highly requested international player. After he presented his unique ‚Art of Life‘ show at the Nature One 2009 for the first time, he start with an exclusivefestival tour in the summer 2010. His performance combines Eric’s trade-mark technoid, groovystyle DJing with his live performance of acoustic and electronic instruments


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 14
Tracks in Top 10 1
Releases in Top 10 27
Tracks in Top 100 45
Releases in Top 100 96
Days in Top 100 Tracks 815
Days in Top 100 Releases 12937
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