Etienne Ozborne


"T he only way is up!" T hat’s the only way to describe thecareer of Quebec based DJ and producer Etienne Ozborne.While spinning his treasures as a regular at some of thehottest Spots in Eastern Canada, he is an integral part ofthe throbbing North American house scene.Over the years he has brought his individual and distinctivestyle to perfection. Questioned about it, Etienne cites thelittle-in-use formula of twisted funky Housemusic andexplains the major part of my sets comprises of ratherunknown tracks from Deep, Tribal and Electronic House.Since he couldn't help but fall in love with the groove thing,end of the 1990s saw him take a turn towards Housemusic.Being a student of the percussions for more than 12 yearsas well as being part of a band has given Etienne a solidbase in rhythms and beats which carried even juicier fruitsin his new field: apart from outstanding skills at the mixer,his feeling for nuances and harmonies allows him to createdeep, atmospheric, emotional and versatile DJ sets. Heknows how to cunningly apply the newest technical means.He knows how to cleverly build up to the climax. And heknows how to take the audience by surprise to a higherlevel.His elaborate dj sets win over with great music selection,amazing mixing wizardry and high entertainment factor. Heplays more and more nationwide bookings in clubs likeMozart (Russia), Marquee Day Club (Las Vegas) Drai’s (LasVegas) Living (Mexico) Republika (Brasil) Club Mass(Korea) MGB (Germany) Heaven (Ottawa) Sotto (Ottawa)Circus (Montreal) Stereo (Montreal) ... By teaming up withstars like Steve Angello, T homas Gold, Chus and Ceballos,Eddie T honeick, Funkagenda, Junior Vasquez, AntoineClamaran, Cedric Gervais, Kaskade and many more hegained new inspiration and reputation. But Etienne keeps onscoring: 2013 is going to be the biggest year in hisproducer-career. Without any doubt he's one of the risingstars in the global housescene. His latest releases are supported & played by Tiesto, FeddeLe Grand, Bob Sinclar, T homas Gold, Roger Sanchez, ErickMorillo, David Guetta, Mark Knight and many more. Bygaining great reputation for his tracks he worked out incolaboration with artist like Avicii, Max C, Polina Griffith, HardRock Sofa… and put out some slammin remixes for DJs like DJ Chus, David Penn, Lee Cabrera, Sneaky Sound System,Tom Novy, T homas Gold, Offer Nissim, and many more. Butto be not enough, most renowned labels like Strictly Rhythm,Defected, Stealth, Cr2, Hotfingers, Nervous, Star69, HedKandi or Ultra are coming to value Etienne's work. His newsingle "Keep On Rocking" on Z ulu records will be anotherglobal-house-bomb!


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