Fabio Ferro


Fabio Ferro was born in Salerno on May 28th, 1991. At theage of 13 he starts his approach with music and becomesfamiliar with the console, vinyls and cds are his bread andbutter. Stubborn, accurate and dedicated to what deliversfun, he creates his own way as a dj into the local musicscene by playing as “Guest Talent DJ” in the best locationsof the night movement. At the age of 16 he decides to call itquits with simple house music influences which havefollowed him since the beginning and he takes the road oftechno music, deciding at 18 to move to Milan in order toattend SAE Institute and gain more experience. T here, heachieves the title of Electronic Music Producer. In 2011/2012he is the resident dj c/o clubs of the caliber of Doom Cluband DolceVita (both in the province of Salerno). Meanwhile,he has the opportunity to play with many international-valuedjs like Joseph Capriati, Speedy J, DJ Simi, Rino Cerrone,Paul Ritch and more. He also performs as a Guest dj inEurope c/o Egg London, Bitacora and Espectro Valladolidand Morlox Berlin. His tracks vary from deep house totechno and they have been played and supported bynumerous top djs the likes of Marco Carola, NicoleMoudaber, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, UMEK, Dj Rush,Sebastien Leger, Riva Starr and many others.


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