Feri has started in Turkey 15 years old to make music- related jobs. Musical career began with rock music. He made 3 demo albums ın this genre. and has presented numerous concerts and events audience. Shortly after the end of university, away from the bizarre style of rock music, electronic-enabled music productions have chosen to do. Entry into the market truly began in 2004 after playing “Disco Inferno”. Generality of Deep, Progressive and techno using items.LAD Publishing & Records /POR released the album's first single. Coskun Yorulmaz did with "Just Bless You More" with the electronic music EP arriving Feri, then sped up the work of albums. Feri established “Kare Digital” record company with Coskun Yorulmaz in 2010.Feri made 3 more Ep from “Kare Digital” in 2010. Respectively Oblivion Ep, is going to some famous dj chart in may 2010, Impressionism Ep in july 2010 , some of remixes for Coskun Yorulmaz’s Ep.He begin t o makin Radio Show which named “St ereo Enchained With Feri” ın November 2010 on RADYOAKTIF.


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