Filter Cutz


Fabricio GutieĢ€rrez aka Filter Cutz started Djing at the early age of 17 years old and playied with a lot of local dj's(Laia ,Pablo Barboza, Gustavo Bravetti, Adrian Extres, Alex Efe, Logiztik Sounds,...), but wasn't till 2004 when he started producing. Born in Punta del Este, Uruguay and been such an eclectic producer, his style goes from melody full electro house to, techno, tech or more deep minimal house. In the present Filter Cutz tunes are playied from dj's all over the world such as Hernan Cattaneo, Markus Schulz, Tom Stephan, G-Pal, Phil K, Naveen G, John Digweed, Adam K and Desyn Masiello among others.


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