Franky Rizardo


Franky Rizardo’s hugely refreshing approach to housemusic has been paying dividends in a big way.Having established himself as one of the biggest draws inHolland’s house music circuit with a style that works as wellon big stages as it does in sweaty clubs, he’s now rapidlyexpanding his horizons across the world. Releases on OFF,Defected and Spinnin’ demonstrate an increasingly strongproduction career, while his Flow radio show and events arefast becoming a major part of the house music landscapeacross the world.“I think that playing a lot of different stages has taught mehow to work with a large diversity of crowd, rather thandoing one trick every show. I don’t want to be a one-trickpony. I just want to arrive and do my set specifically for thatnight.” It speaks volumes about his appeal and ambition thathe’s as at home playing with long-time friend Hardwell as heis playing alongside house music legends like MK andDennis Ferrer.A decision to dedicate himself to the modern deep housesound in recent times stemmed from a desire to stop hisstyle from snowballing to the OTT builds and drops that hismain stage and big room performances were pressuring himtowards. "I was performing on the big stages and I thought,I’m really enjoying the big crowd, but I’m really not enjoyingbeing pressured towards a certain sound. So I thought tomyself - how can i bring my house sound to these crowds?"Indeed, his Flow radio show on Holland’s national stationSLAM!FM was one of the first in the country to push thedeep house sound, slotting him in between Sander VanDoorn and Nicky Romero’s shows. Its success has nowspawned a stage at festivals including Dance Valley andFree Your Mind, and Franky has big plans for his burgeoningbrand. "We have a lot of interest from a lot of big festivals,and we now have the radio show on Sirius XM in the US,and I’m really working together with the whole team to makethis all happen. We are also creating a talent pool who willjoin Flow including an agency and a label." Speaking of new music, things are looking incredibly healthyfor Franky on the production front too. Since his OFFRecordings EP hit Beatport’s Deep House Top 25, he’sbeen working manically on a slew of new tracks - includingfour new tracks and 6 new remixes for his Deep Down &Defected compilation. He makes snappy house music, full ofcharacter and attitude and crisp, punchy production - findingthe perfect balance between underground groove and accessible hooks that serves as a neat microcosm of hisposition in the DJing spectrum.“I think house is in a really healthy place” he says whenprobed on his overview of the scene at large. “The wholehouse sound is coming back. It creates a lot of room forproducers to really make the music they love, and I see thatmore and more with my colleagues."It’s a relief to hear that artists like Rizardo are committed tosticking to what they’re passionate about. If mainstreamsuccess follows, then so be it; but he’s not going to chase itat the cost of his integrity.An insanely busy DJing schedule already sees him playingup to 70 gigs in the space of two months, covering a hugerange of parties and venues. Frequent gigs in Ibiza(Hardwellasked Franky to play his nights at Ushuaia in recognition ofhouse coming back into the spotlight) and closing theDefected stage at WEAREFST VL are cited amongst hishighlights. This bustling diary is testament to the passionand commitment he pours into his sets. For years he’s beenre-editing other artists’ tracks to give himself a slew ofexclusive material, and his love for his craft when he’sbehind the decks is clear for all to see.With such a strong work ethic and a desire to broaden hisscope across the world, you get the feeling that his aims forglobal domination are very much within his grasp. As is clearfrom his decision to veer away from the more hyperbolicsounds of his contemporaries though, he won’t becompromising his ethos to do so.Look out for Franky Rizardo ‘Deep Down And Defected 7’,featuring his remixes of classics by Sandy Rivera, PeteTong and Copyright, plus four exclusive new originalproductions.Words: Ben Gomori


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