Freedom Fighters


Freedom Fighters is the musical project of producer & DjShahaf Efrat (1989), from Tel Aviv, Israel.Shahaf has been producing his own original music since2005 and with a rapid rise to fame, performing worldwidesince 2007.Freedom Fighters music can be best described as Technooriented Progressive Psytrance mixed with everyday lifeexperiences. Whether its heavy underground psychedelicsound or a crystal clear techno oriented tune, one can besure to recognize the unique signature sound in every trackproduced.Shahaf has collaborated, remixed and been remixed by topinternational artists including Astrix, Skazi, Captain Hook,Union Jack, Gms, Pixel, Domestic, Liquid Soul, Sub6 andAvalon to name the immediate few.Among the hits and anthems produced by him one shouldnote "Marshmallows" (the collaboration with Captain Hook)which took the world by storm crossing the 1 million hits onYoutube. "Falafel" (the collaboration with Skazi) is anotherpearl which has also been featured as the theme song inthe Israeli Music Channel (24) series "Skazi T V".Signed with the heavyweight label "HOMmega", He uses allhis free time between shows to work on his next releaseswith the final destination being his debut album.


Tracks #1 6
Releases #1 12
Tracks in Top 10 20
Releases in Top 10 36
Tracks in Top 100 75
Releases in Top 100 69
Days in Top 100 Tracks 3119
Days in Top 100 Releases 6414
These stats concerns the main Top 100 and the Top 100 for each genre. Data for tracks start on November 1st 2012, and data for releases start on January 1st 2014.