Gaetano C


Gaetano Ciolfi A.k.a Gaetano C.Dj, producer and remixer born in Campobasso, Italy in 1995 by time he developed a strong passion for the music, when he was 14 years old, thanks to his friends and fans of music, he discover the Techno Underground scene, where he took the decision to be part of this sceneIn 2010 step by step, he starts to make his first movement in the world of productions,discovering all sorts of production programs like Ableton Live and many others, time after time, year after year, he perfectly understand what production is, giving to his firsts production projects a unique composition and sound, creating a direct way through the maschine to his mind.T he young talented boy, and this helped him to collaborate and release his creations on labels like:Serkal, Deeperfect, Draft, Baile Muzik, Alboratory, Monique SpeĢ€ciale, Tobus, Innocent Music, Monique Musique and many many more!He is currently working on several projects that will be released in 2014 and several major collaborations with renowned artists.


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