Gene Farris


Gene Farris is the sinister minister of dance musics changing sounds. Farriss global DJ track record and extensive discography of over 80 productions(check full discography) are definitely a testament to the true Chicago house sound. Farris's unique dexterous DJ style that includes extended sultry, melodic blends with tuff beats makes him a party favorite around the world. House music is Farris's undoubted passion that also drives his full flavored, colorful studio creations. Farris's deep roots in house music and strive to be the best keeps him on the global electronic music industry's cutting edge.

Pushed by local kids in his South Side neighborhood of Chicago Gene Farris caught the DJ bug at the tender age of twelve. Inspired by the likes of Ron Hardy, Prince, and Roy Ayers Farris began blending a mixture of funk, disco, and soul combined with eighties' pop icons such as, Duran Duran. One may still hear hints of disco in his style.

Even in his early years Farris was constantly on the move. By making mix tapes for his neighborhood buddies and selling them at many famed Windy City record stores like Gramaphone, Farris's spinning skills quickly developed. Not only did Farris's style evolve, his reputation rapidly grew. After many late nights 'beatn' down neighborhood block parties, Farris earned his childhood dream slot warming up for legendary Ron Hardy and Ron Carrol at the epic AKA Club.

As the early nineties approached, Gene Farris became a major player in the thriving Chicago dance scene. Wanting to hear more diverse house music Farris inevitably began to produce his own tracks. His first production style was tuff, loopy and tracky House. At the time Cajmere (of Green Velvet) just started a new label named, Relief Records. Close friend, Ron Trent, urged Farris take his hard hitting tunes to Relief Records. Trent thought Farris's tracky sound was perfect for the early Relief.

House music history was made when Farris took his demo to Relief Records. Hanging out in the Relief office was another young Chicago DJ called Sneak, who also just made his first demo. Farris and Sneak both had their tracks signed. The "Farris Wheel" EP was Farriss debut release for Relief in 1994. Gene Farris, alongside like minded musicians such as DJ Sneak, Paul Johnson, Derrick Carter, DJ Rush, Ron Trent, Boo Williams and Glen Underground formed the new wave of notorious, soon to be globe trotting Chicago DJs and producers.

The "Farris Wheel" EP was the beginning of a prolific production career. Gene Farriss discography highlights works released on dance musics most respected labels such as, Defected/Fluential, Soma Records, OM, Siesta Music, Force Inc., Formaldehyde, 83 West/ Camouflage, Communique, Defmix, Static, and more.

Being a leader in the industry, Gene Farris started his own label, Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc. in 1998, with "The Copa Cabana" EP. Among the labels many loved EPs is FWR 008 "The Spirit" - Gene Farris featuring Sneak remix. In February of 2001, Gene Farris unveiled Farris Wheel Recordings's spin-off, Farris Wheel Limited. Farris's concept for the new imprint is to steer away from saturated samples and feature more original, organic productions. Farris Wheel Limited artists are incorporating live feeds into their melodic soulful beats. Also, 2003 will see the release of the Farris Wheel imprint's first CD compilation of the its own catalouge mixed by Gene Farris. Farriswheel in 2007 added to there roster Funky Transport which smash hit "Shake It" Featured a B.H.Q mix from the Chicago kingpin Mr. Derrick Carter..They have also added other remix artist such as J.T Donaldson, Brett Johnson, and Bryan Jones who also put a e.p. on Farriswheel Recordings called the " Dutch Master" E.P.

Currently, Farris continues his travels around the globe DJing for his fans throughout the United States, Canada, and many European countries like Croatia, Holland, Israel, and Russia. However, Farris still finds time in his busy schedule to devote in the studio. He is is working on a full length album of original music for release in 2003. Farris's motive for the album is to push beyond the barriers of the current house music sound. Farris already collaborated with many remarkable dance musicians such as renowned house vocalist, Robert Owens and a fresh New York City production favorite, Derrick Carter , J.T Donaldson, Brett Johnson, Demarcus Lewis, Onionz (just to name a few).
When asked about his future in music Gene Farris passionately replies, "House music is my one and only true love. I've been with her for over sixteen years and never plan on leaving. She's my peace... me and the music for now." He laughs..

As the critics continually applaud his greatening accomplishments, Gene Farris and his Farris Wheel Recordings empire continue to thrive.

The international demand for the elite Chicago House sound has kept Gene Farris busy gigging around the globe for over the past ten years. Then February 2003 saw the release of Gene's "Textures" mix CD and 6-track vinyl, accompanied by his "Textures" world tour, and features and reviews in Jockey Slut, Muzik, Mixmag, Seven Update, Mojo, DJ, IDJ, Blues & Soul, Echo,,, Burn It Blue, and many more.

"Textures is a tasty affair, lots of layers, lots of passion, lots of originality. Deep, sexy, organic house music with that essential Chicago touch. A collection to inspire...5/5" DJ Mag
"The first collection from respected Chicago producer Gene Farris' Farris Wheel Ltd...As good a house mix as you are gonna hear this month...4/5" IDJ Mag
"It's deep jazzy, stylish, sexy and soulful, showcasing fast rising talents in the Farris Wheel Family such as Roomsa, Audiowhores, Greenkeepers, Behind the Groove and Boo Williams. It's damn fine house, nothing too heavy, just good party tunes from funk to disco and jazz to soul, it's all here as Gene graces us with some proper musical music."
In 2007 Gene Farris continued with his 4 full length album "A Decade Of Beats", showcasing his best music from his 12 year reign as one of Chicago's International Ambassadors of house music. Featuring electrifing vocals from Atlanta's own Chappell & the sexy sultry voice of the magnificent lady Sara.This album is for sure a classic if you are a Gene Farris Fan, the deep warm sound are something you will enjoy this show that Gene will be around for at least another Decade and beyond..
From the year of 2000 - 2008 Gene Farris released over 20 records plus 15 remixes including remixes from artist such as Colette,Demarcus Lewis, Onionz, Wilson & Broadway, Roomsa, and Kirby. he has also signed over 15 remixes to his own label by some of the world best house music producers.Such as Derrick Carter, J.T. Donaldson, Brett Johnson, Mazi & Justine Long To name a few..In early 2009 Gene Farris will bring u his latest all new full length, first since 2001 on Soma(This is my Religion) Album number 5 titled "Revolution 09". With the hot single out now already Called " Take Me Back" Clearly he will still be Pioneering House music for many years to come as one of the worlds most, creative and innovative house producers, Gene Farris is legendary and hear to stay..


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