Hernan Salazar


Hernan Salazar always known that its north is the music from an early age, since mid-1996 began to relate to it. Being drawn int o t he world of t urnt ables and vinyl as something quite new for him. Since early 2000 his interest begins to be more strongly attracted to a sound called house and begins to hear the first electronic music productions, and interested and looking vinyl on websites, knowing that artists began to excel at that time.began his career as a DJ in 1998 at the age of 16 years experimenting heavily in the electronic music from 2004 onwards, beginning to produce their tracks in 2010 finishing his professional studies Audiovisual Digit al Communicat or.With a very innovative proposal that slowly begins to notoriety in the Chilean scene, starting in most underground clubs and private parties, deep and with his technique quite recognized by both the public and their peers DJs.Besides his career as a DJ. And today also entering the studio to produce their own tracks and remixes generating, continue to ring their sets via Soundclouds addition to their live performances.In July 2012 his track debut for the label tempura telephone records in its compilation and from October 2012 is backed by leading DJs and producers as Das Orlando And Paul Inzunza which goes on sale from this month for beatport and all online stores, adding to this as dj resident of one of the major New York radio Richie Insomniak owner of this desctaca skills who gives opportunity to belong to the staff of resident dj in his second season www.globalmixxradio.com.-


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