Hirshee was born and raised in one of Canada’s most diverse cities, Vancouver, BC. Immersed in such a society where the people and cultures he experienced were in a constant state of flux, Hirshee learned early and quickly the fruits of being open minded. Growing up, he was especially unprejudiced in regards to his musical tastes, listening to a boundless variety of genres and styles.
Today, the influence is not subtle, as this very diversity is what differentiates Hirshee from the rest of the pack. The hard-hitting DJ has become renowned for his array of tracks and unpredictable beats that cannot be defined to only one genre in the electro realm. Since 2006, Hirshee has been pumping out brilliant hits that feature a dynamic blend of melodic prowess, memorable vocal hits, and complex, thrashing bass. While some artists need to be discovered, Hirshee was simply impossible to ignore. This has led to his tracks getting airplay on the legendary BBC Radio 1 and support from artists like Fatboy Slim, Spencer & Hill, DJ Dan, Calvertron, Hatiras, Tim Healey, Dirtyloud, Will Bailey, and many more.
As things began to take off, Hirshee did not hesitate to take advantage. Teaming up with the talented Lazy Rich and starting Big Fish Recordings, the duo quickly raised the name to prominence, making it one of the leading electro labels today.
Hirshee broke out at the turn of the decade with chart topping bangers like “The Rinse Out”, “Always Tomorrow”, “Big Life” and “California”. However, the track that best defines him is the wildly popular “So Good”, a collaboration with the soulful Tonye Aganaba. Thanks to Aganaba’s dreamy yet haunting vocals and Hirshee’s dazzling and powerful drop, the song topped out at #1 on Beatport’s Dubstep Chart for three weeks.
Hirshee’s music takes you for a ride, as you travel through detailed ebbs and flows of synth leads and potent bass. The destination is uncertain since, as his growing international recognition and worldwide booking requests demonstrate, the trip has only just begun. This is your chance to get on board; Hirshee has arrived.


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Days in Top 100 Releases 355
These stats concerns the main Top 100 and the Top 100 for each genre. Data for tracks start on November 1st 2012, and data for releases start on January 1st 2014.