Huxley, born Michael Dodman, is a name you're sure to continue to hear more and more off after firmly cementing his place in the UK house scene this past two years. Raised on a diet of UK & US Garage, House and early rave music- Huxley has moulded his music into what is his can be called his own distinctive mark on house music.

First appearing on the scene with sometime collaborator, Ethyl, on th...eir critically acclaimed 2009, Sassanids EP on Nick Curly's “Cecille Numbers”- as a duo they went on to release the 'Beatport Deep House 2010' nominated, Mother Tongue, on UK superpower- Tsuba. It was this that really put the duo on the map. Since this time Huxley has gone on to carve out his own solo career with releases on Tsuba, Morris Audio, Fear Of Flying and Suara, and remixes on labels such as Noir, Cecille, OFF.

2011 has seen dates at illustrious venues such as Fabric, Privilage & Le Batofar as well as dates in Ibiza, Italy, Germany of course throughout the UK. With forthcoming music on Hypercolour, Leftroom, Rebirth and his home label, Tsuba, there is a lot in store across the board of the house spectrums.


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Releases #1 27
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Releases in Top 100 198
Days in Top 100 Tracks 2511
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