Hybris is Evan Vischi.After years of being a studio recluse, Evan surfaced in the DC scene and released collaborations and solo projects under the name Robot Death Squad. He then moved to the Czech Republic to focus on advancing his own sound and began releasing under the name Hybris.Towards the end of 2009 his tunes were spotted and picked up by Kasra, and his debut single was released on Critical: Modulations (The Cleaner/ Raindance) in June of 2010.Not long after, a trip to Groningen and a collaboration with Noisia resulted in Crystalline, and in February 2011, the Hybris EP on Noisia's Invisible imprint was released.Later that year, a meeting with Goldie and Rido resulted in the creation of the Prague Connection EP, a collaborative effort between Rido and Hybris.Hybris continues to push the limits of his brain and monitors to further uncover new sonic territory. Watch this space for more updates.


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