Ian Metty


Ian Metty is underground music producer living between London, Berlin and Barcelona.Growing up in a musical family mainly influenced by his brother, who is professional pianist, has been from early age listening to classical music all days long. Later on at the age of 15 Ian build up passion for djing and got his first vinyls and turntables.It was back then when he found himself and realized what he loves the most- "The underground dance music".At the age of 19 he moved to London and since then never looked back.Djing at London's finest venues such as Cargo, Corbet Place, Public Life, 93 Feet East, Hidden, Factory, Tea, Fluid and many more, he has gained reputation as a great dj with passion and feel for the music.Later on he started with his own music production and since 2010 releasing his music on several labels.Ian has been now focusing on deep house music and he also runs his London based label "Deep Wave Records" which is gaining respectable name within deep house industry with every single release.These days you can see him djing more internationally as he plays often in Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, Lisboa and his beloved London of course.His music has been supported and played by likes of The Timewriter, Mark Knight, Dr.Motte, Nic Fanciulli, Markus Schulz (Coldharbour), Nick Hollyster, Paco Osuna, Oxia, Riccicomoto (Ibiza Global Radio), Gare Mat K, Franco Bianco, Tunnel FM Radio, Adeline (Get Physical Music), Arara (Phonograph Music), Rob Slac, (Moodmusic), Orde Meikle (Soma), Advokkat, Dilby, Schwa (Beef records), Carlo (Neovinyl), Chris Udoh, Pat Fontes, Nick & Danny Chatelain, YokoO (Musik Gewinnt Freunde), MIke Montano, Kirby (Lost My Dog), Lee M Kelsall (Hot Waves), d.Mitry (Neo Violence), Javier Varez (Alma Soul Music), Bleed (de:bug magazine) and many more...


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