Isaac Escalante


DJ Isaac Escalante, renowned Mexican Dj and Producer,has taken over the musical scene of Mexico City, Sao Paulo , Rio, Florianopolis, Bogota, Montreal,New York, Miami, Tel Aviv, Hawaii, Rome , Lisbon , Amsterdam, Toronto , Atlanta, Los Angeles, Madrid, Barcelona and many other cities since his first gigs at 16, where he mixed at private parties and fashion shows.DJ Isaac Escalante ́s House, Tribal and Electro House mixes capture the dance floor of Mexico ́s #1 DJ Club, Club Living, every weekend, where thousands of music fans enjoy his talent and craft.For Isaac Escalante the musical experience goes beyond the dance floor, being responsible for the production of such tracks as: Cheater (2005), Latin Army (2005), Leroy (2006), Took My Heart (2006) Laguna (2006). Monaco (2007), Fresh (2008) , Z ambomba(2008) Galaxy (2009) Love me (2010) and remixd tracks for artists like Ronen Mizrahi, Bruno Renno, Edson Pride , Fc Nond, Altar,Mickey Fridman , Dan De Leon, Avri Levy and more.Isaac has conquered the world market. In less than a year he has become one of the most important international Djs in Latin America. He is one of a very few International Dj ́s that obtained a residence at the best and biggest club of south America, “The Week”.Talent, wit, experience and an incredible talent for music, has been Isaac Escalante ́s trademark for many years.


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