Ivan Dbri


Dbri grew up with a great influence of different music, his father was, and still is a musician. Early on Dbri fell in love with the great sounds of violin and piano. Born in Mexico City and raised in New York City, he has been influenced by a diverse spectrum of hip-hop, jazz, classical & electronic artist. In the ever changing world of New York, he took the best of the city's diverse influences and formed his own sound as a result he has had the chance to spin at some of the best venues in New York City, Miami, all across Mexico, and in Canada. He has also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry and with 14 years under his belt .2010 was a big year for Dbri with tracks signed to Cueplay, Proton, and Lohit that were major achievements in his humble career. This year he hopes to continue that string of success with a string of upcoming releases, a full length album with production part ner Wirik. In he meant ime, Dbri remains an act ive DJ in Canada and his work can be found on Beatport under labels like Proton, Lohit, Amplified Music, Cueplay, 530techno, Blaqnet, Harmonious Discord and an upcoming vinyl release out of Nil from New York City.


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