Jamie React


Jamie React (James Riach) started mixing with fellow UK DJ's Neolithic, Mr.Pyz, Sammy Peeps, Honkey Shuffle and Bodyfunk (Dropout DJ's) back in the early 2000's and was initially influenced by the Detroit Techno sounds of Jeff Mills, Dj Rolando, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson.

Fast forward a few years James now resides in Singapore and co-founded Tropic Lab, a DJ/Producer collective with fellow French-Polynesian DJ Lubrano in 2013. Jamie continues to push the scene in Singapore and Asia to promote the TropicLab sound, holding a residency at Kilo nightclub in Singapore and the upcoming TropicLab Takeover, but always staying true to his underground roots.

James style is upbeat and heavily techno influenced, but his DJ sets and further production can be deep, more melodic and even tribal at times.

Jamie Produced his debut track 'Hancai Concrete' which was released on Turning Wheel Records in September 2014


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