Jean Pierre


If there was one word that could collectively describe the talented DJ/producer Jean Pierre, it’s passion. Born and raised in the concrete jungle of New York City, this ‘Borough Beatman’ from Queens has done nothing but live and breathe music for the past decade. Whether it be a collective of emotion filled deep house or a trip down the avenue of gut wrenching techno, Jean has always been dedicated to finding unique records that transform his sets into riveting musical journeys.Only at the young age of 27, Jean’s music has become globally recognized for being well beyond his years. Not only is Jean one of the most popular talents in the very competitive NYC club circuit but he has also found praise in countries such as South America and Europe. He has graced the 1’s and 2’s at destinations such as; Pamplona (Spain), Frankfurt (Germany), Cali (Colombia), Bogota (Colombia), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Pereira (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), Cuenca (Ecuador), and Girardot (Colombia). Apart from his many other travels, Jean Pierre has also participated in Colombia’s infamous Black & White Festival. Considered to be one of the biggest electronic music gatherings in all of South America, Jean has played for crowds numbering in the thousands.Jean Pierre’s New York following is arguably one of the most loyal fan bases a musician could ask for. Due to their overwhelming support, Jean has made an unprecedented rise to royalty in the tight knit club community. While some artists have had to deal with NYC club owner’s demand for numbers, Jean has always provided massive turnouts and in turn has become a regular at some of NYC’s most popular venues. Some of which include; Pacha, Cielo, Santos, System, Roam, Odyssey, Area, HK, Ravel Rooftop, The Z Hotel, Glazz, Governors Island, La Zarza, and XVI Rooftop. Jean is also renowned for his former Sunday morning afterhours residency at the now defunct Liquid Vibe. Considered to be an event that really put Jean on the map, this afterhours masquerade became one of the most popular parties in the tri-state area.Jean Pierre’s journey to respected producer began with his track ‘The Night’. In collaboration with DJ/producer Ortzy, the two worked relentlessly in a state of the art studio based in Colombia and to their surprise, the track was signed by the esteemed Younan Music. After receiving support from industry leading artists such as Boris, Chriss Vargas, Cristian Arango, Saeed Younan, Rob Mirage, Paolo Mojo and Sander Kleinenberg, Jean began to focus heavily on his productions.Since then, Jean has had his productions and remixes featured on labels such as Infamous Recordings, SK Supreme, and Nervous Records to name a few. Some of his most recent remix projects include a rework of Boris’ ‘Dreams’ and Chriss Vargas’ ‘Perceptions’. His latest works have received support from A-list talents such as; Loco Dice, Luciano, Marco Carola, Gary Beck and Steve Lawler to name a few.With 2013 promising even more development of the electronic music scene, Jean Pierre is poised for an even bigger year. On the heels of his forthcoming album, his debut LP, Jean has been hard at work on a number of high profile projects that include several collaborations. Spending countless hours in his Queens based studio, Jean Pierre has begun to amass a catalogue that is nothing short of impressive and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.Jean Pierre's meteoric rise into the scene can only be attributed to the unbridled passion he possesses for his craft. His love for music moves him in every way imaginable. He lives, dreams, and breathes music. Jean is not just another player in the game, he is progressing in this unique role he has relentlessly pursued.


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