Johan Virhia


Johan Sebastian Gonzalez Gaviria Aka. Johan Virhia, DJ / producer from Medellin, Colombia. Born February 14, 1993, electronic music lover since childhood. Start your career in 2008 heard great artists of that time, in 2009 decided to give everything, to electronic music and his career is where you start doing a mix of House and Tech House. In February 2010 until today began as a music producer. Currently working for record labels: Vamos Music, Recovery House, Play This! Records, Yaiza Records Addict 2 Bass Records, Groovack Music, D2L Recordings, among others. His set is expensive anteed by joyful sounds, taking it from tech house to house, always with excellent energy, which broadcasts to your audience. At just 19 years was invited to another country on tour to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Johan Virhia, has been successful in such a short time, a young man known for his charisma and humility, the humility that led him to have a good relationship with national and international artists. Virhia not want to take a break from school to work for him is like taking a step back.


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