Joris Dee


German based DJ and Producer Joris Dee was born in Juneof 1984. At the age of 14 he started to play Piano. Finally hebegan to let his creativity run free and experimented withdifferent styles of music from classical to jazz, blues, hiphop, pop and dance. Everything in his life revolved aroundmusic. He started at the VibrA School of DJing in Nuremberg(Germany), to acquire the most important mixing skills andthen has soon resumed his own Podcast “OnSet Mix”. HisBootlegs & MashUp´s were supported, by Richard Young,Yanik Coen, Yves Murasca, Peter Brown, Lucas Reyes,DRASEN, Digital Junkiez and recently even by T homasGold, just to name a few. In 2013, Joris Dee produced hisfirst Original Track “Flowers”and was signed with the Label“RBMC Music” from Berlin. His follow-productions weresigned on different well known House Music Labels all overthe world. After his first releases Joris Dee got the chance tocreate remixes for artists like Jerry Ropero, Dany Cohiba,Sam Skillz and many more. You can look forward to a lot ofnew music by Joris Dee.DON´T MISS T HIS PROMISING TALENTIf you want to hear Joris Dee´s impulsive sound live, pleasesend your booking request


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