Juan Gallardo


Juan Emilio Lopez Gallardo (aka Dj Juan Gallardo Supu), born in Seville in 1981.

With more 13 years experience in cabins, is able to confront any session type

house without getting to shake the hand, leading his audience to his style and

their own terreno. Juan Gallardo brought his music and his talent for many

Sevillanas rooms and outside the province, emerging as major provinces

Barcelona, Madrid and Cadiz. And with all of them sharing a cabin with artists

the likes of Javi Reina, Juanjo Martin, Taito Tikaro, JpCandela, Albert Neve,

Mariem Baker, Juan Magan, Abel the Kid and Raul Ortiz, José Franco, ferrules, John Jacobsen ...

At its surprise us with house sounds more bearable, adapting to the most demanding ears.

And what of his countless productions, not of factory producing this house.

In 2010, facing a new stage as the owner of Selected records label group, thus one of its major objectives,

have its own label. As a producer we see it in the most important sales portals of online music.

Getting even enter the top 10.

Highlight their remix & Jose Delgado Feat Rober Mendoza Priscila Due - Virgin, where he has

out in 5 major compilations. To all this add up the success of his latest productions,

Dance in darkness in his remix, Timbau, Afrika and Energising.



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