Juliano Silva


At the rather young age of 24, Juliano Silva has already established himself as one of the most respected new producers of house music. Not only does he create his own tracks; he also remixes the tracks of other producers and, in addition, owns his own record label, Volume Media, which has in a very brief time become one of the most prolific sources of new house music releases made by himself and by many other producers and DJ’s.

It all began in the Minas Gerais district in northern Brazil, where Silva was born. Not long afterwards, his family left for America, and Silva found himself in Malden, Massachusetts, near Boston. There he sound found an underground scene of electronic dance music and joined it. “Most of the other kids were into hip hop,” he says, “but I attached myself to the kids who were into electronic. It became my passion ! Then, in 2001, when I was just 14 – I needed a fake ID ! – I went with friends to Avalon, which was then Boston’s big, BIG deal disco club and where a DJ named Adilson was the star. That’s when I REALLY got into it !

“I couldn’t believe the music that Adilson was playing ! Well, he took a liking to me and showed me how to do it.”
Adilson was then mixing with vinyl 12-inch discs on Technics turntables, but Silva didn’t do that. “I was one of the first to mix CDs on Pioneer turntables,” he says. “My friends liked what I was doing, and soon I was DJ-i8mng at parties and hanging out. I was VERY dedicated ! Then came more parties, and more, and I got better and better.
“Finally, in 2005, Adilson hooked me up with the owners of RISE” – it was then, and remains, Boston’s famous after hours dance club, home to committed “house heads’ and DJs who enjoy the intensity of the scene – “and I played a set there. RISE was the first actual club I had ever played! Well, all my friends came, and the gig was such a success that RISE asked me back. I played the main room there, by myself, all night long.”
It seemed that Silva was on his way to becoming a DJ star; but his career took a surprising turn. There was a two year break, after which he decided to do production only – no more4 DJ-i9mng. “I started doping production in 2007,” he says. “All through 2007, 08, and 09 I studied production techniques and going to clubs checking out what sorts of sounds DJs were dropping on dance fans. Finally, in 2010, I made my first production for release on a friend’s label. It sold well – title is ‘Made In Brazil’ – and I was on my way.
Next came a production with Ray Briones, who is now doing stuff for my own label.. Track was called ‘Body Movement.’ We liked how it turned out, and now whenever Ray does a track he asks me to do the re-mix.”
Silva now began to produce tracks in bunches and, at the beginning of 2011, to set up the Volume Media label. “I now have over 100 tracks available at www.beatport.com,” he says, “and on Volume Media we do a good 25 tracks every month. Heck, I get thousands of tracks sent to me by e-mail 1 The word is really out, in New York City as well as Boston. Timo Maas invited me to remix one of his tracks. The invitations are coming a lot now.
“As a result, Volume Media has several very popular young DJs signed. There’s Brunno Santos, Gare-L, Will Pizzetti, Ray Briones of course, and Andre Nazareth, among others. Each has his own, recognizable style and has a large and dedicated fan following.
“I listen to my music,” Silva says. “It makes me feel so good about myself ! Even better, to hear DJs play my stuff. I was at Pacha in New York and this really major DJ was playing and suddenly he dropped one of my tracks. What a thrill…
“Which track s do I like best ? Well of coursed I like them all, but I must mention ‘Kill Me Later,’ ‘my re-mix of ‘Everybody’s Fucking,’ my remix, with Brunno Santos, of ‘Now I Am Done With You,’ ‘Inside the After Hours,’ and ‘Free Your Soul.’ And how can I forget ‘Indio Presente’ and ‘Made in Brazil’?
Silva plans many, many more releases in the near future, all by Volume Media’s core group of DJs and surely by new names as well. This is nice indeed.


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