Julien Jabre


28-year old Parisian, Julien Jabre was a hip hop fan at just 13. He turned towards house music out of curiosity as the aggressive style of hip hop and rap, meant he didn't feel that close to the music.
At 16 he began listening to 'A Deep Groove', the cult programme on FG Radio presented by DJ Gregory, Alex from Tokyo and DJ Deep, who Julien really wanted to meet. Julien ended up meeting and getting on so well with DJ Gregory, he was asked to present the radio show while he was away in New York. Although he was terrified, Julien's first on-air mix really impressed DJ Deep.
He started working with DJ Gregory in his studio. At the same time as the famous TGV club nights, supported by DJ Deep and DJ Gregory, Julien threw himself into all kinds of work, DJing, composing as well as producing. He always uses his sensitivity to find a new form of sensual, beat-driven music fit for clubs.
His first collaboration with DJ Gregory, under the name "Fantom" was "Faithfull" which had great success on vinyl and CD. Julien was 19 and had finished studying sound engineering which gave him enough skill to be able to produce and mix all his own music in the future.
In 1998, Julien collaborated closely with his friend DJ Deep. Together, they released an album, "The Deep", several singles and remixes from equally famous labels, Nervous and Versatile. Julien rejoined Gregory in New York and they worked and ended up signed by Soha who still release the duo's work.
Julien Jabre chose to release his first tracks on Basic Recordings ("Voodance", "Yalopa", "Déliverance"). During this key period, he naturally decided to move away from DJing as club mixing was becoming dull and he wanted to concentrate on new music as his passion. Dancefloor - targeted tracks are limited because of the fact they are tailored to become a "comfortable" sound. Julien's search for harmony and strong originality shows his innate ability to create music, even without vocals.
He continued to work with Gregory and Soha, a collaboration which represented the relationship between club culture and emotion, melody and elegance. Through Soha, Julien signed several tracks ("Amour", "Gabbeh") as well as remixes ("Work" by Masters at Work) and collaborated with the Africanism project in 2001 ("Les Enfants du Bled", "Takemussa").
In 2003, Julien started Elias, his own label, with which he could experiment with all musical styles. "Paixao" has souk-tinted melodies from Cape Verde or "War", a pure techno track. Subsequently, he worked on the "Sneakers Freak Club" project to provide the album's opening track "Same and Better".
In 2005, Julien Jabre recorded "Swimming Places", a huge hit at that year's Winter Music Conference and arguably his biggest record to date. Initially released on Elias in September 2005, it was re-released by Defected Records in early 2006 and went on to be a massive dancefloor anthem around the globe.
Unlike the majority of his peers, Julien does not DJ, choosing instead to dedicate himself entirely to the production of records to the absolute best of his abilities. He spent the next 18 months working on a number of tracks that were immediately snapped up by Defected Records. 'Talking Walls EP' – featuring the tracks Talking Walls and Stagger was releases mid-2008 with both tracks featuring on 'Eivissa '08' and 'Defected Clubland Adventures' anniversary compilation.
Julien has started 2009 just as strongly; the title track of his 'Vicious Circles EP' (his first collaboration with vocalist Adeama Cooper) received a killer remix from rising start John Dahlback and has been featuring heavily in the charts of the world's elite.
Looking to the future, Julien is also working on 2 new tracks to be released soon on Defected as well as a House Masters compilation alongside longterm pal DJ Gregory. As well as this, keep an eye out for an Electronic Remix album of Dub classics featuring greats such as King Tubby, Joe Gibbs and Prince Jammy.


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