Sergey Kryuchkov, known not only in Russia but also abroad as a K.S.Y., was born in 1984 in Voronezh. His DJ career began in the mid-90th to the dance radio station ‘Techno FM’.Then, replaced K.S.Y. studio work in place for the decks. In the period 2003 - 2008 years K.S.Y. performed at many popular venues of the country. Released many DJ compilations on CD. In 2006, K.S.Y. produces compilation - ‘Fluide’, which appreciated the Russian club magazine "Global DJ".Participant and winner of many competitions and festivals in Rus s ian.In 2007 K.S.Y. went to the festival of electronic music - ‘Sonar’ in Barcelona. Spain has inspired him to produce the same year the disc compilation ‘BCN’. Soon, along with Barcelona's DJ Kazak (aka Jess) K.S.Y. issued a joint double CD ''Beautiful Life''. In 2008, playing in Spain, Barcelona. He successfully participates in the Catalan club Lika Lounge.In 2009, Sergey K.S.Y. won the DJ - tournament ''Open Energy'', which was held by the company Red Bull in Voronezh.During this period K.S.Y. has become a popular DJ, not only in his hometown, but also in Moscow. Behind him firmly entrenched image of the intellectual - music fan, his music is able to warm up as the big dance floors and cozy clubs. Received a warm welcome in Art - "citadel" of Russian design. Mixes K.S.Y. were heard in the vast Moscow GUM on Megapolis FM radio stations and Deep Mix Moscow Radio, the clubs' ''Sugar'', ''FM cafe'' and many more.K.S.Y. is in the top 40 of the best DJs on Russian professional ratings.Private guest radio DFM.Currently, despite the numerous performances, K.S.Y. actively writes and publishes original music, working on his own label.In April 2013, the label released miniFM deep house release ''Flexible Dance''. Joint track ''Flexible Dance'' with producer from Russian Meloque. Single K.S.Y. - ''Board #1'' release on - INWAMA RECORDS Ibiza (Dynamics). Release date: June the 5th, 2013.K.S.Y. won the DJ Сompetition from the radio station ''Energy''. Prize - invitation on NRJ DJ Awards 2013 in Monaco.EP release this one as a single on Avanti by Black Recordings which included two tracks: ''Happy People'', ''Come On''.Releases is available for purchase in digitalstores worldwide.Track K.S.Y. - ''Olympic Flame XIV'' supported on his radio show Hardwell, as “demo of the week’’ Hardwell On Air (Episode 140).


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