Kalden Bess


Kalden Bess (aka m0h) is an up and coming techno producer from Montreal. His passion for electronic music came straight from the dance floors where he got a first-hand experience of the groove. In 2009, after witnessing techno titans Sasha and John Digweed deliver a major performance at the legendary Black And Blue festival, he decided to go forward with his own music production, with a first EP named Koma following soon after.

He took a rather unusual route, and launched the Ground Factory label to promote his music, instead of looking for an already established label to endorse his work. By doing so, he quickly made a name for himself with his quality brand of techno including elements from the darker, CLR-ish side of the genre as well as groovy basslines inspired by the likes of Carlo Lio and Alan Fitzpatrick. Kalden Bess's music is directly aimed at the dancefloor and creates an urge to move comparable to an audio train. It is currently evolving from a very hard and purist brand of techno to a more groovy, mental brand that is bound to establish him as a major techno artist in the years to come.

His label, Ground Factory, is all about quality music. Initially created to promote his own tracks, the label has grown into a collaborative mastermind set to deliver the very best combination of talents available and has released several major tracks in the past year, coming from artists as various and talented as Pig And Dan, Perc, Patch Park, AFFKT, Samuel L Session and Rich Jones.

More recognition is expected in the future for Kalden Bess, as heavyweight tracks are set to be released both from him as an artist and from his label as a new techno hive characterized by the highest standards of quality.


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Releases #1 4
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Releases in Top 100 20
Days in Top 100 Tracks 65
Days in Top 100 Releases 3338
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