Karlos K Sound


Itaca Disco (Sevilla)KARLOS K SOUND: Dj producer born in Seville. It began in 2005 in one of the most important club of the Capital (Garamon) entering the House scene, and everything related to Electronic MusicFrom there, it was a niche in the world of House, customize your style full surround sound without losing a touch of strong melodies accompanied by underground rhythms, which makes your sessions with a personal sense and very subtle, like their productions.That led him to Click in theaters across the world as important as Miami (Spazio Nigth Club, Hoxton Club) Ohju (Cadiz), Sun Disco, Customs, Emporio, Garamon (Sevilla) Club, Le Chie (Cadiz), Cathedral Club ... among others. Today she resides in the most important room in the city center: ITACA DISCOAt the production level working with label very important and influential in the style House International and nationally, both originals or remixes issues.Labels like Musak RECORDS Producer highly acclaimed property"PACO MAROTO" "Dj WADY" Great Friend and Owner's SealBEDROOM MUZ IK, DESERT ICA RECORDS als o another stamp with a lot of weight to International Property of another great "MARCOS CRUZ"CLUB SESSION, RECOVERY HOUSE, SOULFREAK RECORDS, Undercool PRODUCT ION, RECORDINGS CLOVER,Ritmikal Records, 3STAR DELUXE .... ETC.Karlos k sound.jpg


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