Having evolved from over a decades worth of experience behind the decks and producing to lead him to this point in his career, James Kininmonth, already well established on the scene, has moved into a new alias: Kinnerman. What he describes as a natural progression, it's fair to say he has made a name for himself within the industry.With numerous plays on BBC Radio 1 and gaining huge support from the likes of Richy Ahmed, De La Swing, Toni Varga, Solardo & Josh Butler to name a few, with releases on some of the worlds hottest record labels, it's no wonder he is in such high demand.'My sets are comprised of 80% my own work, and Kinnerman is one of a handful of artists that I look for to complete the rest of my sets. Definitely one of / if not the most talented up and coming artist emerging from the UK'. - JESSE PEREZ


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Days in Top 100 Releases 916
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