2013 is the year that sees north London producer Kisch unleash his rhythmical talents onto the world of Electronic Music.His sound draws influence from his early love of Michael Jackson as well as the indie rock scene in which he cut his songwriting teeth, but a Manumission inspired leap into house music occurred during his first trip to Ibiza in 2001 and since then Kisch has been producing a unique and engaging blend of infectious beats, warm tones and soaring melodies.With his production skills honed and collaborations with Rui Da Silva and Pete Gooding under his belt, December 2013 will see his first release through leading UK label Phonetic Recordings, a remix of 'Show You' from Bora Bora Ibiza resident John Moss featuring Toolroom's Kellie Allen on vocals. Next up is his remix of Rob Roar's upcoming release 'Whats Happening To Me?', also on Phonetic.2014 is already set to be a good year with two of Kisch's own original compositions planned for release on Notting Hill Music's own label,Transmission Recordings...


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