Les Schmitz


If we understand that a DJ’s responsibility is to entertain people with a good selection of music mixed smoothly with the best techniques, then LES SCHMITZ is one of those few real DJs still giving values to this profession.Many had the chance to represent this well-known club, Amnesia, but had failed to stay. Les Schmitz is gathering more fans summer after summer and becoming a key DJ on the main Ibiza parties.Summer 2009 Les Schmitz took a new challenge becoming the new main resident Dj at the famous La Troya Ibiza parties. His sets for these weekly events are filled up with good quality house easy to listen to bring the original enjoyment to La Troya public.His sets, full of energy, reflect his consecutive nine years as AMNESIA IBIZA resident Dj, influenced by the Balearic house, known as a mix of all genres being played in Ibiza during the summer seasons.Quotes:‘People need to have fun and dance ‘– Les Schmitz (People from Ibiza newspaper, 2004)‘DJs need good productions, but producers are not always able to entertain club audiences’ – Les Schmitz (Deejay magazine, 2005).www.les-schmitz.com


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