Gabriel Garostidi, also known as LondonGround, has become one of the new figures of house music. Starting his career in 2002 under production name of "Gabuci", he made his first steps producing progressive house oriented tracks. After years of study and evolution, Gabriel decided to make an artistic change in his career and in his productions. Together with Loco Records, he launched his first track in the now famous "A Four Track Sampler" series. This release went on to be one of the 25 Bestsellers in Beatport's Deep House genre in December (2010).
Supported by a large list of influential labels and artists, he keeps on looking for new avenues for his music. Nowadays, Gabriel is planning his next releases together with record companies such as: iRecords, Save room Recordings, Loco Records, DeepClass Records, Akbal Music, etc. With support by: Hernan Cattaneo,Marco Carola, Barem, Steve Bug, Gorge, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Nico Lash (8Bit), Florian Kruse & Nils Nurnberg, Someone Else, Afrilounge, DZeta ´N Basile, Bas Amro, Fog (Brise Records), Westboy, Marco Effe, his future looks very bright.


Tracks #1 1
Releases #1 0
Tracks in Top 10 4
Releases in Top 10 4
Tracks in Top 100 29
Releases in Top 100 24
Days in Top 100 Tracks 958
Days in Top 100 Releases 431
These stats concerns the main Top 100 and the Top 100 for each genre. Data for tracks start on November 1st 2012, and data for releases start on January 1st 2014.