The story begins in 2006, loic Castagnet, starts with his friend Julian in production and DJing, they decided to create the duo "H&S" (Smallroom-Multivitamins)the story has run and two friends are separated at the cross roads between house & techno .. loic then imagines his new nickname "Loquace"!he work now with labels like Kina Music, Little Helpers, Upon You, Kiara Records.. and his music are supported by artists such as Marco Carola, tINI, Yaya, Marc Antona, Leix, Gel Abril, Butane, Someone else, Martinez, SanteĢ, Patrick Lindsey, Marco Resmann, Re-UP...it is also dedicated to the development of his own label "Earlydub Records"


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Days in Top 100 Tracks 432
Days in Top 100 Releases 1198
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