DJ/Producer, Löschen is a consolidated figure into the Deep House and Tech House Underground International Scene, thanks to an electronic perspective that continues setting guidelines and breaking schemes.Definitely a versatile artist with a very personal style, full of energy, fusion, diversity and rhythm.For ten years has been known to set her own electronic culture, acting to the best clubs in national and international events .At an Underground International level, Löschen is considered one of the most influential music producers in the Tech-House scene.She has worked with labels like Tiamat Records, Fuk Yeh, Toolz Records, Blue Orb Records, Cream Music Records, and more; and has been one of the best producers and an Underground DJs, to reach very high levels in the underground scene.Löschen has two own labels: Tiamat Records collaborating with friend and mentor F.Dunkel, and Fuk Yeh in collaboration with Pedro Abatucci friend and colleague. Betting on the Techno and tech-house cutting edge sounds, projecting their repercussion in the underground electronic scene.Löschen is also an innovative concept of Party seeking public interaction with the public highlighting staging and musical quality, fusing styles like House and Tech-House. A constant evolutionary work has made Löschen go being recognized internationally and her Produccions going growing to impressive levels.


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