Lucas Freire


Lucas Freire was born in December 1979 in João Pessoa in the state of Paraiba but has lived in Campinas in the state of São Paulo since 1986.He had his first contact with electronic music in 1997 ...His professional career as a DJ started in 2000. It didn’t take him very long to show his talent with the decks and his peculiar concern with technique and perfection.Showing good skills and a lot of hard work Lucas soon started to be a much respected DJ in the Brazilian technos cene.Lucas Freire plays / produces / feels / lives techno!Lucas has played in cities all over Brazil and also in countries like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Holand, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Venezuela and Ukraine.Among the most important events that he has played at are: ALoca (BR),APOKALYPSA(CZ),APOLO Nitsa (SPN), AQUASELLA FEST IVAL (SPN), AWAKENINGS (HOL), BEATKLINIK (DE), Big Cansil (POR), BLAU Club (SPN), BUTAN (DE), Campari Techno Festival (BR), CEARÁ MUSIC (BR), CIRCUITO (BR), CITY PARADE (BE), Clash Club (BR), Club 414 (UK), Club K2 (HU), CODE@FABRIK (SPN), Cosmo (IT ), DANCE VALLEY (HOL), D-Edge (BR), ELECT ROSONIC FEST IVAL (SPN), FLORIDA 135(SPN), FOOT WORXX (BE), FREE YOUR MIND FEST IVAL (HOL), KM4 (BUL), H2Z ONE Festival (SPN), KRAFT (BR), LAGOA (BE), Lago.e (BR), LA COVA (SPN), LA LAIT ERIE (FRA), LA REAL (SPN), LIBERT Y WHITE (BE), Lov.e (BR), M25 (PL), Manga Rosa (BR), Moog (SPN), MONEGROS DESERT FEST IVAL (SPN), MONTAGOOD (SPN), Metro Club (SK), NATURE ONE (GER), Club ONE (SPN), Industrial Copera (SPN), PARADA DA PAZ (BR), PARADA DA AME (BR), PRO-JEKT (BE), Q- BASE Festival (DE), ROW 14 (SPN), RUHR IN LOVE (GER), SCHRANZ T OTAL, DOM IM BERG (AT ), ST RASSE E (DE), T ECHCARDIA (BR, SPN), T ECHNOFLASH (SPN, )Club Poema (NL), Technobase (AUS), Technolandia (PT), The Influence (BR), T HE MOST (UKR), T HE QONT INENT (BE), T OR3 (DE), Torn de Nit (SPN), T OXICAT OR (DE), T RESOR (DE), T RIVIAL MUSIK 3Y (SPN), T RIVIAL XPERIENCE (SPN), Tunnel Club (ITA), U6011 (DE), Vibe (BR), Club WOM (DE), WOODSHOCK (SLO), CLUB Z ORECKS (SPN).Lucas Freire has been showing his talent doing what he likes to do best!


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