Luis Martinez


The 24 years old Luis Martinez, a Columbian-born but Italian-based dj, came to the electronic music scene since a very early age, thanks to his South American roots and his innate passion for music.
His productions distingueshes him thanks to the fresh melodies, the tech bass and the trippy sound all together fixed with latino voices or speeches, being played all around the globe by international-known artists such as: Marco Carola, Ralf, Davide Squillace, Robert Dietz, Okain, Martinez and Ilario Alicante.
We can find productions of Luis on labels like Recycle Records, Smoke Joke Records, Snubb Records, Fontek Records e Hustler Muzik. He has collaborated with artist of the caliber of Francisco Allendes, David Delgado and Guido Nemola.
Luis Martinez is becoming more and more known as a producer, but first of all he's a charismatic dj, having played practically everywhere in Italy: DOCSHOW, WAKE UP, CLASSIC CLUB, WAVE MUSIC BOAT, PULSE, CAFE LOCO, SALI & TABACCHI, THE BOX, SOLASYLUM, MINI CLUB, LINK, BARRACUDA, DESIGUAL....these are only a few names of the parties and clubs where Luis has played!


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