Benjamin Leclercq, alias Madben, grew up in Northern France, a few kilometers from the Belgian border. He discovered electronic music in the mid-90s ans started to check out Belgian clubs where this electronic vibe was already very trendy. Benjamin decided to start djing when he moved to Lille in 2000, and also created an association to promote his passion. Sound of Sand was born, and contributed to Lille Party’s energy organizing many events under the sign of electronic music. In 2007, upon his arrival in Orleans, Benjamin began composing.What thrilled him that much? Probably this rising feel in his body and to see those happy faces and bodies moving to the rhythm of the floor on his musical pieces or dj sets. Influenced by the techno sounds of Det roit and Chicago, t inged wit h European t echno, his dj sets and his compositions have that same unique purpose.The compositions of Benjamin are quickly acclaimed by Laurent Garnier, who made the honor to broadcast three of his songs on his radio show « It Is What It Is. » Dave Clarke played his songs on his radio show « White Noise ». In 2010, Benjamin signed his first tracks on various European labels : Logos Recordings (MAC), Electronical Reeds (BE), Hype Muzik (UK), Bastardo Electrico (IRE), Bass Pressure (FR), Exit Audio (FR), Atelier Electronique (FR) ... ... And is not entirely new as two EPs and several remixes should be released in vinyl and digital by 2012.Benjamin’s work is regularly highlighted by renowned producers such as Agoria, who ranked his song « Promised Land » as a title in the summer of 2011 in the magazine Dj Mag. Ian O Donovan playlist « F.. track » in the radio program « Transition » by John Digweed, and Paul Hamill aka Psycatron plays « Fire in the hall » in his radio show « Across the Line » broadcasted on the BBC.In one short decade, Benjamin has had the opportunity to perform with artists such as side Stanny Franssen, Deetron, The Youngster, Fabrice Lig, Oliver Ho, Trish Van Eynde, Mark Williams, Joris Voorn, Raudive, Joey Beltram and many more .


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