MAJOR7 is the second project from both talented elect ronic producers Nadav Bonen &Barak Argaman, the same 2 persons that stand behind X-noiZe (Hommega rec).Bonen and Barak collaborat e again t his t ime in progressive psytrance music-8 years after producing X-noiZe psytrance/Full-on music they decided to come up with anew project under the name of MAJOR7 .MAJOR7 founded at the end of 2010, as a low b.p.m(132 –138) progressive psytranceproject .MAJOR7 music is prog psy trance with a modern progressive club beat, dancy andrefreshing it integrates power and force with a moderate tempo groove and fresh techno elements of futuristic music, combined with psychedelic atmosphere . characterizing the next generation of progressive trance sound.As it was and is with these 2 guys - the production level, the experience as producers, and their dj skills, along with their originality and the need to push themselves to Excellency - drive them constantly to create quality electronic music.MAJOR7 started performs around the world , after releasing just 2 EPs on the same date in march 2011 (iboga & Iono ).The first EP of Major7 that got released jump them strait up to place number 2 on beatportpsytrance top 100 .2013 year will be the year of Major7 in psyprog trance , after shaping their sound to anoriginal sound , with a top level production skills .The “buzz” on their music is massive and djs all over the prog psytrance scene play theirtracks releasing the album Rezonance , the track MajorMode Concorde the top 1 psytrance beatport chart for over 3 weeks !and the album was the top sold album for 1.5 months !stay tuned for more music , only and just only quality stuff from this act!
music link:" MAJOR7 Eps/Releases :Coming Up Iboga rec (Denmark) – march 2011 Neelix - round one- (Major7 remix)Heavy Doses -IOno rec (Germany) – march 2011 your mind -IOno rec (Germany) – march 2011 Night shift (Major7 rmx )Major7 vs Dudi Bypass – UnlockX-noiZe- rock n roll (Major7 rmx)X-noiZe - no mishaps (Major7 rmx ) Hommega rec Back n forth – with s-range (on echoes label “Wide open “ VA )Sound shifter (iboga, VA compiled by ace Ventura) obsession (iboga rec , on liquid soul VA march 2012 ) Major7 vs Black&White - Black Seven (Hommega rec april 2012)Rezonance -Debut Album (Iboga rec)1.Revelat ion dawned 135 C2.Sub 7 136 B (wit h Sub6)3.Drugs 136 d# (wit h D- Adiict ion)4.Mental note Remix 137 E (Remix to X-noiZe,remix done wit h Capit al Monkey)5.Higher State of conciseness Remix135 G# (Remix to Josh Wink)6.Human Design Remix 135 G (Remix to Captain Hook) 7.Adventure Mode Remix 138 A (Remix to Astrix) 8.MajorMode 135 F (with Vertical Mode)9.Excision Remix 134 D# (Remix to Major7 , Remix done wit h Egoryt hmia)onlyindigital:10.Black7 138 - Live version F# (with Black&White )


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Releases #1 6
Tracks in Top 10 24
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Tracks in Top 100 69
Releases in Top 100 33
Days in Top 100 Tracks 3485
Days in Top 100 Releases 2466
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