Mateo Scramm


He began his rise as a resident of Tropic coffee in 2000,one of the hubs of many DJs.In 2002 he became a resident of many events that will tourFrance, but also in Switzerland:Manumission (287) Be4Ibiza (Redlight) Crazyhouse(Locomotive/Studio54 Switzerland).In 2006, he created the Webradio and Society Neohouse.Many DJs will work to a project like Dan Marciano, SatoshiTomiie, Sasha ...Mateo Scramm stands out for its style and it's presence onstage. It plays a Deep Techno Techouse powerful andmelodious that do not ravage finished the biggestdancefloors.Creator of the Global Progress evenings in places thatbecome the best Parisian spot "T HE SHOWCASE", he playsrating names like: Umek, Sebastien Leger, Claude Monnet,Coyu, Nicole Moudaber, Phunk Investigation.It is also resident Essential Deep event, or the time it revelsa dune Evening deep house after grovgy reference typeYellow, Tito, RafFender etc ...Promoter Project "GLOBAL PROGRESS RADIOSHOWwhere every week he made a selection of exclusive tracksand underground, all compliments of Jingles the master inthe field, Q Derinho Ibiza Sonica.He also collaborated with many artists present at the GlobalProgress Radioshow as Steve Lawler, Marco Bailey, DUnity,Coyu, Rainer Weischold, Namito, Oliver Klein, NilsNuernberg.Since 2012, he created "FAMILY UNDERGROUND, where heoffers unreleased very rare events with artists on theFrench dancefloor as Tapesh, Hollen Affkt, Ron Costa ....Level production after the success of his tracks Promptowhere much of the Monumenta Label Suicide Robot, he isabout to release his new pieces on the label PHANT OMREC "REPUBLICA OF CUBA" a very big techouseunderground techno sonirit├ęs to a small bomb very shortlybe available on Beatport (septembre 2013).


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