Materia, real name Jan Warnstam, started his music career on an Amiga 500 in Sweden in 1988. Since then he has ventured through many styles of electronic music and seen the birth of genres like breakbeat, jungle and drum'n'bass in the 1990s. Over time he acquired more dedicated audio hardware and soon decided to take his music production to a new level, and to a wider audience. The first stage was to approach national radio channel SR P3 and he quickly got recognized in shows such as P3 Dans, P3 Demo, Morgonpasset and Syntax Error.
In 2001, record store owner Thomas Bergsten approached wanting to start a new drum'n'bass label. Pressure Cut Recordings was formed and on it Jan released his debut vinyl 12 inch under the alias Hidden Lab. Not long after he signed a breakbeat remix to Invisible Records in Chicago under the Soil of Sound monicker.
Later that year Jan joined the radio show Vinyl on radio station Radio Stil 95,5 MHz, playing the weekly live show and honing his mixing skills. His first studio mix was released in May 2002. In July 2002 Jan traveled to the UK for his debut club gig at Pace in South London. Back home after this he was part of starting a new drum'n'bass club night called Conscious, booking international guests in an attempt to bring new sounds to his home town.
The following year meant more gigs, at legendary Svaj Cafe in Stockholm, Impedans in Oslo, music festival Sun Dance in Estonia, the Leet Recordings night in Helsingborg and at Rangus Tangus in Stockholm playing a fabled six hour set. Materia played in Arhus, Denmark and HQ in Oxford for the BASIC003 release party, a drum'n'bass vinyl release featuring a remix by acclaimed producer Paradox.
In 2003 the Conscious collective started a weekly radio show on Stockholm based radio station clubDECKS that would run uninterrupted for the next two years, gaining a steady following by representing the full drum'n'bass spectrum. In spring 2005 Materia was booked to play his first tour in Poland followed up by an annual return to the country in the coming years.

In 2007 Materia moved to Denver, Colorado and played a variety of gigs in Denver and Minneapolis, including a live set at the IMAX Theater at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, getting acknowledgements from astronaut Russell "Rusty" Schweikart.
Coming back from the US, Jan moved to Stockholm and surrounded by house music the focus shifted. In the summer of 2009, a remix of Houseclap (previously Spanka) on PR Records marked the first release in house, with many releases following since. Materia was commissioned to remix Boom Jinx for London-based house label Distinctive, collaborated with techno legend Hakan Lidbo, participated in the national radio P2 Strom "Music of the Future" project and in the country's largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter's "Klassisk Remix" music project.
Moving countries yet again, he now calls Bristol, UK his hometown since the summer of 2010. The productions are tending more and more towards house and the breed of post-dubstep emerging in Bristol. Materia has played gigs at TB2, Day+Night and The Bank and was integral in creating the club concept LOST! at TB2.
In the summer of 2011, the track Response, originally signed to Lowbit Recordings, was licensed by Carl Cox for his Ten Years of Space Ibiza album, spreading the Materia sound to a whole new range of international ears. With releases on Bristol-based labels Slime and Drawn as well as Indigo, Lowbit, PR Records, Mystery Train, False Flag, Dubkraft and an official remix for electro pop outfit Den Svenska Bjornstammen 2012 is set to be a pivotal year.


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