Max V.


DJ Max V. biography
Massimo Vanoni , aka DJ Max V. (Absolution, HIRA, JV Project, Sensoryah) was born in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mn) Italy , 17 June 1996, at the age of 14 years bursts his passion for music and dance clubs.
In 1983 he began his career as a DJ at the club “Mirabelle” , historical local in Asola (Mantova) , in that local learns, explores, refines, enhances his natural gifts of entertainer behind the consolle .
In 1990 he on the radio as a conductor with the program "DJ Music" to "Rete Radio Azzurra" , owned by Paolo Nolli , unforgotten volleyball died tragically in 1998 .
Through the radio reaches a certain notoriety and this allows him to be a leader on the console of many clubs in the provinces of Cremona, Mantova and Brescia including “Tam Tam” in San Giovanni in Croce , “Casta Diva” in Gussola , “Kiss” in Ostiano ,”Colosseum” , “Le Cupole” in Manerbio, “Magika” and the “Genux” in Lonato del Garda.
At Genux, historical club in Garda Lake is the protagonist in the main hall at Friday night in the late 90 '.
In Genux he know Claudio Tozzo , founder of “Radio Studio Più” . He offers to Max a collaborative in their today glorious radio station , but he must decline the proposal, and this is his biggest regret.
In parallel with the career of dj he begins the producer carrier and in the 90 signing many major productions, thanks to the collaboration with DJ Movement (Remake Edizioni Musicali Srl) team Pieradis Rossini, Graziano Fanelli, Paola Peroni.
In 2001 he temporarily abandons the activity but back in 2012 and founded “Atop Records”, independent record label that is kinds “house-tech house-trance-techno-progressive” , and restart to make the dj in the clubs . Max V dj set are always full of energy , great rhythm and emotion.
His musical philosophy: "I can not specialize in a single genre or current music , I feel that this would limit me too , all the music that thrills me deserves to be played."

Discography (incomplete):
DJ Max V - Let's Dance (S.O.B. (Sound Of The Bomb)) 1992
DJ Max V / H.I.R.A. - Children Of The Revolution / Funk The Beat (MDS Dance )1993
Max V - Move Your Body (S.O.B. (Sound Of The Bomb)) 1993
Children Of The Revolution (Love & Peace) (Wicked Rhythm) 1993
DJ Max V - Feel For Me (Wicked Rhythm) 1994
Yes No Yes feat. Max V - Keep Together (Atomic Energy Records) 1994
DJ Max V - On My Mind (Wicked Rhythm) 1994
DJ Max V - Technological Experience E.P. (Gravity Force Records) 1997
Yes No Yes feat. Max V* - Keep Together (Atomic Energy Records )1994
T.Na.Ta (Atomic Energy Records) 1994
JV Project - Joy (Atomic Energy Records ) 1994
Absolution - Make It (Max Music) 1994
Boss System - No Time To Criticize (Wicked Rhythm ) 1994
G-Force - Everybody Move (Atomic Energy Records )1994
DJ Max V - On My Mind (Wicked Rhythm )1994
Lucille - Do Right (Wicked Rhythm )1995
Absolution - Dance To The Beat (Reflex Records )1994
Boss System - Fire In My Heart (Atomic Energy Records )1995
Escape From - Melody To Escape (Atomic Energy Records )1995
Melody From Vider (Grave Records )1998
Melanie - Don't Call My Name
Sex Rhythm (Spyder Records )1992
Freedom For Love (Spyder Records ) 1992
Sensoryah - Turn Around (Crash! Records ) 1995


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