MC Flipside


MC Flipside is the name on everyone's lips. The man behind this alias however, has been an internationally acclaimed MC for over a decade.

This microphone chameleon has appeared on many international chart toppers, performed in hundreds of cities around the world and lent his signature vocal delivery to a multitude of genres. It all started with one microphone, one dream and one unbelievably talented MC. A decade of dazzling accomplishments later, the man known for his relentless pursuit of the highest standards in music is taking his already established fame to the next level. This is a story of MC Flipside, the internationally acclaimed microphone commander who helped redefine electronic music in Canada.

There are three main ingredients necessary to achieve success in the music business: awe-inspiring talent, a relentless work ethic and an unwavering determination to crush all obstacles that stand in the way of one's goals. From the very beginning, it was quite obvious that Flipside was prepared to do whatever it takes to amaze people with his microphone skills. It didn't take very long for industry players to take note of this emerging talent: Flipside received an offer to produce, direct and host his own radio show on Energy FM, Canada 's leading dance music station. The offer of this kind was unprecedented in a major radio market like Toronto: young talent must pay their dues for years before getting close to the radio station microphone. It was Flipside's original and charismatic delivery and on-air presence that justified the offer and soon established Energy FM and its young host as the authoritative source for ground breaking electronic music in Canada .

The notoriety gained from Flipside's number one ranked radio show translated into bigger and better opportunities. Promoters, booking agents and concert organizers came banging on Flip's door, realizing that his presence impacted the audiences in a profound way:

“Anytime he stepped on stage...there was an instant connection with the crowd. He was able to get into their head and then use that power to whip these kids into a frenzy. And then came the freestyles that seemed to go on and on...and you know all of the rhymescame from the top of his head because he would reference the venue, the acts, the people in the audience...I think people realized that there was something very special emerging right here...on our home soil." – Scot Turner (Broadcaster)

The highlight of his early days as an MC was at I-Dance, Canada 's major electronic festival taking place in Toronto's Nathan Philip Square. Thousands of people witnessed the unforgettable stage presence of MC Flipside and his status as the top Canadian MC was written in stone. Flipside took his leadership position on Canada 's electronic stage with great responsibility and continued to create opportunities for other local acts through his radio show and evangelize the Canadian scene through every possible medium available. While most radio hosts like to hide behind the microphone, Flipside's charismatic personality and his magnetic image created an insatiable demand among his followers to see him live. Television came calling. One of North America's most innovative television stations, CityTV, known for being in the forefront of the popular culture, frequently invited Flipside to perform on Electric Circus, Canada's only live dance music show.

Flipside's momentum began to gain unstoppable speed. Now that Flip had radio and television watching his every move, it was time to make some noise in the studio. Many were taken by surprise when MC Flipside momentarily put his microphone down and showed his incredible versatility by jumping on two turntables and banging out four mixed compilations distributed by Warner/Universal. The compilations were based on his hugely successful radio show and each release boasted never before seen sales figures in Canadian electronic scene. It became evident that the Canadian borders could no longer contain Flipside’s potential. What followed was an unpredicted international success of such magnitude that no other Canadian MC has ever been able to come close.

MC Flipside has toured the world several times, repeatedly igniting countries like: Canada, U.S. , Mexico, Holland, Slovenia, Austria, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and England . As his international presence grew, so did the interest of some major international superstars. Flipside was invited to headline alongside Black Eyed Peas, Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, KRS 1, Sir Mix A Lot, Dee Lite, D12, and Mos Def. He was the only Canadian MC ever to be featured on the hugely popular Moonshine Records imprint. His music has been licensed by Sony BMG Australia, by DJ Jean for MTV Ibiza, and by superstar DJ/Producer Antoine Clamaran. Flip has also collaborated with award winning producers like Juno Winner Hatiras, Granite & Phunk, Dub Deluxe, Tune Brothers, Jamie Fanatic, Juno Nominee M1, Paranoid Jack, Baby Anne, Deekline, Double C, and countless others. MC Flipside appeared on the underground smash hit "Vegas" produced by the renowned electronic producer D Fuse. The track was featured on NBC's hit show "Vegas" and MTV's Road Rules. Flipside also scored two #1 hits on CBC's Galaxie Radio: Freak the Frequency and Acid the Phenomenon.

In 2007, Flipside had a number one club smash “The Rubdown”, which also charted #2 on Toronto’s Z103.5.

In 2008, Flipside hits the charts once again with the smash “Just The Tip” hitting #3 overall on Beatport.

Fuelled by his true love and passion for music, MC Flipside’s vision is to be known around the world as an MC who can innovate the sound, educate the masses and elevate the standards of this genre.


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 5
Tracks in Top 10 2
Releases in Top 10 14
Tracks in Top 100 21
Releases in Top 100 84
Days in Top 100 Tracks 862
Days in Top 100 Releases 6033
These stats concerns the main Top 100 and the Top 100 for each genre. Data for tracks start on November 1st 2012, and data for releases start on January 1st 2014.