Mika Olson


Mika grew up in a profoundly musical household, hisparents being professional musicians who put him intoclassical piano and jazz guitar lessons from the moment hehad enough motor control in his hands to hold a guitar pick.T he first record he bought was a now-out-of-print EP ofParliament Funkadelic covering Kraftwerk’s “Calculator”.Mika’s musical style reflects his eclectic influences fromhigh-modernist integral surrealism to jazz-funk fusion toArmenian epic poetry to 80s hair metal all distilled down topure, crystalline house.In 2008 he went 'minimal' after seeing the haircut maestroRichie Hawtin blow Leicester's Love Parade away by playingthe same record for 4 hours using a total of 3 laptops (allMacBooks Pros of them).Now that mnml isn't cool anymore he's decided to go back tohis house roots. His current sets promise to take you on ajourney from inside your head, out past your ears and inthrough your nose.He has played all over the world including Dubai (at the 9star Hotel Al-Makatomn), Hong Kong (launching hisconceptual 'one man headphone disco' project in thedeparture lounge of Chek Lap Kok Airport), Southampton'sDog and Feathers and even in Tenerife (at a corporate gigfor Dulux marketing executives).Mika always whips the crowd into a frenzy,” or somevariation on this theme. T his is, after all, what counts as the“bottom line” for promoters who are looking to book a DJ;the biographical information might help sell the event, but thepromoter wants a guarantee that the DJ will create the sortof excitement that drives up drink sales and builds the club’sreputation. T his paragraph is here just to make his biography lookbigger because long bios are a sure sign of a talented DJ.Mika's favorite country for purchasing bread is France. Hisfavorite Burt Reynolds movie is 'Smokey and the Bandit'.


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